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Michael Reichmann on SmibsTV

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By Christy - December 5th, 2008

Currently on SmibsTV, you can watch an interview between Smibs founder Peter Urban and influential photographer Michael Reichmann. The interview took place in September in Toronto, ON and profiles both Reichmann and his company Luminious Landscape. The Luminous Landscape website is an excellent and highly trusted source for photographers. We rely heavily on Michael’s expertise when it comes to reviews and opinions for cameras and photography equipment. If you are a photography enthusiast, we definitely recommend Reichmann’s website (currently in its 10th year of operation) for it’s articles and rich content.

We are very thankful to Michael for his participation in SmibsTV. If you get a chance, click on the SmibsTV link and watch this and prior episodes.

(Editors note: If you are wondering who produces and edits SmibsTV, it’s Smibs’ own New Media Intern Elisabeth Szabo.)

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