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My Music @ Work

By Christy - November 14th, 2008


I stumbled across a pretty good blog post last week (designer-daily) discussing the merits of listening to music while you work.  I don’t mean to prolong the debate, but I absolutely insist on listening to music when in my office.  Of course I use headphones, to avoid any unintentional jackassery that would aggravate any of my fellow workers at the Smibs office.  I find listening to music allows me to focus on the tasks in front of me; often at a quicker pace without the distractions of office white noise or the arguments of the street people outside that populate our residence in the colorful Strathcona district of Edmonton.

I try to avoid listening to my overplayed iPod and I definitely hate listening to web radios, so I started to search around for a decent online music source on the net and I happened upon a site called  After dicking around on the site for a few minutes, I produced a pretty comprehensive play list. Without hesitation, I can say that Grooveshark is the most useful and complete music application on the web.  I can’t say enough about the Gainesville, Florida start-up.  The website is easy to navigate and the library of music is pretty extensive.  There are a couple of cool features too, like the ability to create, save and share play lists with an online community. They have also seemingly avoided most of the controversy associated with traditional music sharing and P2P sites (aka: copywrite laws).  Grooveshark is a good example for internet start-ups about having both a solid initial premise and then properly implementing it.

There is some definite room for improvement however.  Searching can provide mixed results and I would love to see a more image based interface as opposed to the text heavy search results.  These are minor issues with what I find to be a very useful web based application.  If you like listening to music while you work, make sure to check out Grooveshark.

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  1. steve November 14, 2008 at 10:24 am

    Cool site – thanks for the tip. Have you tried – not the normal web radio. It creates cool playlists without taking all the time to choose each song.

    don’t know how I even got to your blog – I was signing up on tweeter and hit the wrong thing.


  2. Forrest November 14, 2008 at 10:58 am

    On the whole I love grooveshark as a concept. Nice interface, and great selection of songs. The only problem with GrooveShark is the music all stays on their system. You have to have internet to access the music, and you can’t put it on your ipod or your cell phone. You also can’t listen to it in the car during rush hour traffic. I like GrooveShark for finding new songs that I like, but I’m still going to download them and store them in ITunes for actual listening. Now if GrooveShark added the option to buy the songs you like off their system, I think they could have a real winner on their hands.

  3. Christian November 14, 2008 at 11:16 am

    Hey Steve,
    I am glad Twitter is somehow directing traffic to this site. I checked out, but because I live in Canada I am not able to use the application. I got a apology letter that stated due to licensing restraints, pandora cannot operate outside the US ( Thanks anyways for the tip and your comments.

  4. Cole November 18, 2008 at 10:04 am

    Great site, I’ve been using it all week. Thanks for the tip Christian.

  5. Justin November 19, 2008 at 9:49 am

    Listening to music at work – yes, it’s good. I tried to convince the entire office that instead of “individually” listening to music, we should just play Abba on the speakers for all to hear and enjoy.

    I was flatly rejected.

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